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A Tuesday Afternoon Update From the George Espenlaub Show

I hope the following video will shed some light on what’s been taking place here at The George Espenlaub Show. It is our intention to produce a quality radio show each and every time we go on the air. We want to present our listeners with guests that will not only entertain but will challenge […]

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Don’t Be Swayed by the Noise

On November 6, 2012, the registered voters of this land will be asked to make a decision. A decision that will undoubtedly result in grave consequences should we make the wrong choice. This election is the single most important event of my lifetime. We the people must choose members of Congress, both in the House […]

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Thank You My Friends…the show must go on

03 You’ll Never Walk AloneThe sun doesn’t always shine, nor do the birds constantly sing; however, true friends stand by one’s side regardless of the outward circumstances. When the storms of life are raging, the valley is dark, and there seems to be no end in sight, true friends will walk with you. As the […]

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On the Run Update

Just passing through with an update of what’s about to happen on the show and elsewhere. I’m still trying to catch up with myself but I don’t even see me in the rear view mirror. Oh well, I’ll keep going and eventually I’ll get caught up. I’ll announce some more about the new radio station […]

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Joanne Herring; Admired by Millions Around the World Will be on The Show Tonight

She waltzed with princes, persuaded kings, walked with the Queen of England, influenced presidents, served as floating Ambassador to Pakistan and Morocco, traveled with Afghan fighters, and by no means is that all Joanne Herring has done. I can picture what’s going to happen to many listeners this evening as they tune into The George […]

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An Exciting Announcement

There’s something going on around here although I’m the only one that senses it. I have no idea what it may be, except to say that most of the inmates are looking at me as if I’ve all of a sudden grown two heads. Pops, Ms. Ernestine, Harvey, and even Mom Mom seems to be […]

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The Insanity Cloud was Lifted….seriousness rushed in

If you missed last night’s radio show, go over there on the right, click on the player, and get prepared for one doozy of a program. I mean to tell you, Pops got righteous in the second part of the show. The cloud of insanity that had enveloped the Funny Farm Radio Studio up to […]

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Leave Your Sanity at The Gate…we have no need for it here

I don’t suppose this has ever happened to you before has it? I guess you can’t answer me until I tell you what it is that I’m talking about. Have you ever taken your meds in the morning only to realize that they just didn’t kick in like they were supposed to? Whatever my meds […]

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