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Things Are Getting Hot

Week five in the Crumbpacker’s Fantasy Football League saw resurgence by some teams while others have continued to spiral to their lowest depths. At kickoff time on Sunday there were three teams tied for first place in Division 1. As the gun sounded the end of Monday night’s game, one team set alone in the […]

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Tuesday Morning Rambling

As I was driving to the office at 1:30 a.m., I found myself reminiscing again. Six years ago when I arrived at, “The Espenblog,” things were somewhat slower paced. There was always something going on between Ms Fluff and Harvey as they fussed and feuded with each other, that was never ending. Couple that along […]

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48 Hrs. of Chaos

It has been somewhat hectic in our world the last several days. That is an understatement due to the fact that I cannot find the appropriate words to describe what has taken place here at The Funny Farm. The chaos started on Wednesday afternoon when Dorothy the Doily Maker pitched a fit while being treated […]

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Something is Quite Different

Another massive crowd is forming at the bottom of Woodshed Hill for the traditional Tuesday morning trip to the woodshed.  Who would have thought that when this league was conceived six years ago, this Tuesday morning thing would become one of the highlights of the week for thousands? You see, the world I live in […]

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Harvey Tries to Beat Feet, Part 3

There is a massive crowd here at Woodshed Hill and it continues to grow. The team owners and the players that are scheduled to walk up that hill, enter the shed, and take their beating are growing angrier by the moment. On a typical Woodshed Tuesday the participates gathered here at the bottom of the […]

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Harvey Tries to Beat Feet, Part 2

I’ll bet some of you thought that I wasn’t coming back, didn’t you? Children, children…when Ms Ernestine says she will be back you can bet your last corn cob on the fact that she will be back. Did I ever mention that I love corn cobs? Back in the day when I lived on the […]

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Harvey Tries to Beat Feet

I’m sitting in my vehicle at the bottom of Woodshed Hill waiting for the arrival of those teams that have to walk up the hill, go into the shed, and get the daylights beat out of them for getting beat by 25 points or more. The Crumbpackers Fantasy Football League plays mean and nasty, both […]

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Woodshed Tuesday

Listen to some music while you read. Tuesday morning, September 13th was beautiful. Puffy white clouds floated in slow motion across the deep blue sky. The sun was warm on my rump, (remember, I’m an animal, not a human), and the smell of the air was fresh and clean like after a late summer shower. […]

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It’s Kickoff Time for the Crazies

I’m attempting to write this article while the phone rings off the hook. I have four different people texting me at the same time, the fax machine won’t cut me a break, big mouth Harvey is over there by the door running his face to anyone that will listen, Pops is rummaging through my desk […]

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Fight Night at the Farm

Ms Ernestine here again. It’s a real delight to be back with my readers after being absent for such a long time. Pops is out of jail, Fluff Dog is no longer hiding from the wanna-be dog catcher, Mom Mom is still lost, and Harvey has been turned back into the monkey that he is. […]

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