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The Espenblog Hit by Murphy: Pop’s has 19th Nervous Breakdown

Before I begin please take a good look at me. I’m cool, calm, and collected as I sit here writing this report pertaining to the horrific event that struck “The Espenblog,” the latter part of last week. The fact is that I’m the only one that’s capable of writing this article seeing that the rest […]

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Ms. Ernestine Reports

I’m here at Georges’ Gorilla’s Stadium waiting for head coach Whitey to explain what happened this past week when Randy’s Ravens slapped around, shook up, and smacked down one of the premier teams in the league. The Gorillas seemed to have lost their wind after last Thursday night’s game where they used three players and […]

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Wait Until Pops Finds Out

Pops asked me to mention that a new article featuring Ms. Brenda White went live this morning on You can go there by clicking on this link or by clicking on that orange thing over there on the right sidebar. He sure would appreciate it if you would subscribe to his articles while you […]

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Mind Your Manners, the Educator is Here

It’s so good to be back in my office banging away at the keyboard again. By now, most everyone has heard the reports circulating throughout our world and yours about my vehicular mishap with Harvey last week. I will admit that I have never before went into such a rage as I did when Harvey […]

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Just Some Stuff

A former famous pianist, Crazy Eddie, and his band, played before a packed out crowd as the inmates celebrated their annual, “Dress up Day,” here at the Funny Farm. Since Crazy Eddie is a new inmate, along with his band members, the Board of Nut Hut Advisors determined that it would be appropriate to enlist […]

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Charlie’s Been Shot

It’s true. Charlie was shot in the heart with an arrow. Although the wound isn’t life threatening, it is life changing. He’s expected to make a complete recovery, however Charlie will never be the same again. When Charlie was struck with that arrow he went down like a ton of bricks. No one saw it […]

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Pops Suspends Himself for Seven Days

“I’ve called this emergency meeting to suggest that we, the writers of, ‘The Espenblog,’ should fire ourselves effective immediately,” so said Pops. “All of us here at, ‘The Espenblog,’ have been shirking our responsibilities big time and therefore, drastic action must be taken.” I’ve been a lot of places, done a lot of things, been […]

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The Vikings Have Arrived

We are now sixteen days into the New Year and this is the first article that’s been written since December 20, 2011. The events that have taken place these past several weeks here in our world could be termed unbelievable, but you must always remember that this is a place where fantasy and reality are […]

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Ms Ernestine Goes Commando

First of all let me say that I certainly enjoyed myself hosting the radio show yesterday. Everyone that was at the studio had a blast. Many of the loons and some of the visitors told me that they have never danced so much in their life. When the show was over there was quite a […]

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Harvey Has Been Suspended

If you haven’t listened to last night’s radio program you need to go over to the right of this page, scroll down until you find the radio player, and hit the play button. Go ahead, you can listen to the show and read my article at the same time. In fact you can listen to […]

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