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I’ve Been Insulted Again

As long as I’ve been associated with, “The Espenblog,” it never ceases to amaze me of how little respect I get. Once again I’m being pushed to the background to make room for another writer. I was not consulted by the staff on this new development; no one asked for my opinion, nor was my […]

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The Insanity Cloud was Lifted….seriousness rushed in

If you missed last night’s radio show, go over there on the right, click on the player, and get prepared for one doozy of a program. I mean to tell you, Pops got righteous in the second part of the show. The cloud of insanity that had enveloped the Funny Farm Radio Studio up to […]

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Can you believe that I, Harvey, (the shunned one, the one who is always put down, forgotten, ridiculed, laughed at, and sometimes beat upon) finally got through to Pops of just how important I am around here. For the first time in ages Pops actually set down and listened to what I had to say. […]

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Get The all With One

The views and opinions stated herein are strictly the views and opinions of the author, Harvey, and do not reflect the views or the opinions of The Espenblog. I’m so happy that I’ve been able to find a place where I could use that previous line. I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted to […]

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You Have What?

Good morning, afternoon, or evening to all wherever you may be. For you that are here for the first time, my name is Harvey, and I’m a monkey. You have stumbled upon, or entered on your own, a site where fantasy and reality are intertwined and we can’t tell the difference. Now that we have […]

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Help us Decide by Participating in our Poll…Who do you think is Fibbing?

My last article entitled, “There is no Truth in Them,” was written to expose Ms Ernestine for what she is. I have set the record straight by telling you the truth. Please cast your vote for the one, me or Ms Ernestine, whom you believe is telling a fib. Our readers have the insight to […]

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The Truth is not in Them

Have you noticed that Pops, Ms Ernestine, and Charlie are continually saying, “It’s much safer in our world than it is in yours?” I have said those words many times myself but while I was in a bind the other day I thought about it. Being handcuffed to a chair with a stinky sock jammed […]

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I Will Be Number One

I hope Ms Ernestine, along with that weiner dog Charlie, are happy now. It was because of those two that Pops suspended me. So I neglected a few things along the way; who hasn’t?  That’s alright because now I’m back and I’m a force to be reckoned with. I have been rejuvenated, but I will […]

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I Should Be The One, But Not The Other

It was the sound of rumbling that caused cold chills to run down my spine, or is it up my spine? Nonetheless, I felt the chill while every hair on my body stood at attention. I knew what was next; a loud hissing sound, the opening and closing of a squeaking door, the shaking of […]

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I’m the One

The 2011 Crumbpackers Fantasy Football League kicks off tomorrow night and no one is any more excited than me. Our long time readers around the world know who I am, but for the brand new boys and girls my name is Harvey. Yep, that’s a portrait of me there on the left. I am one […]

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