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An Exciting Announcement

There’s something going on around here although I’m the only one that senses it. I have no idea what it may be, except to say that most of the inmates are looking at me as if I’ve all of a sudden grown two heads. Pops, Ms. Ernestine, Harvey, and even Mom Mom seems to be […]

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Pops Wants to Introduce Me to Oscar Meyer

It looks as if you’re stuck with me this morning as Pops is off taking care of other matters. On his way out the door he handed me a list which I’m to complete by the time he gets back. I’d hand some of this off to Harvey and Ms. Ernestine, however, they are are […]

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The Coach Will be at the Farm Tonight

There has been so much happening here at the Funny Farm that it’s been almost impossible for us to catch our breath. Pops is busier than a one legged paper hanger that can’t catch up with himself. He’s constantly on the phone, talking to the guests that will be appearing on the shows so all […]

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Ms Fluff Dog Warned Me

I find it hard to believe that I haven’t written an article since September 30th. Pops is going to suspend me like he suspended Harvey if I don’t snap to and get down to business. Ms Fluff Dog explicably told me that the Funny Farm would definitely have an effect on me. She was attempting […]

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Charlie’s Update

OMG! Can you believe that it’s Friday already? Of course in many parts of the world it’s Friday night and possibly Saturday morning already. We here at the Funny Farm have the whole day ahead of us. For you that have just about finished this day, and for those who are now into Saturday, could […]

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My Debut

Here I am, all bright eyed and bushy-tailed, sitting at my new computer writing my first article for, “The Espenblog.” Pop’s introduced me to the readers several weeks ago at which time we ended up being chased from the office by the teeth. I’ll get to the teeth in a moment. Since then, Pop’s has […]

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