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The Espenblog Returns

Written By: George Espenlaub - Aug• 29•16

After being absent for several years I’m happy to announce the return of “The Espenblog”. The entire staff is back up and running again with all the previous writers in place who are chomping at the bit to get started.

The famous Ms Ernestine whom the world loves and adores is sitting by my side displaying such exuberance I’m finding it hard to concentrate. For those of you that have followed Ms Ernestine through the years I’m sure you’ll find her writing to be just as vivid, wild, and opinionated as before. For the first time readers, you’re about to be taken to places you’ve never been, so buckle your seat belt, get a grip as Ms Ernestine takes you into a place called, “Our World”,  where fantasy and reality are intertwined and no one here can tell the difference.

ImageThe arrogant, self centered, rude, agitating, trouble-making Harvey is here. If anything, Harvey is worse than ever before. His ongoing feud with the entire staff and the inmates at the Funny Farm leads to some hair raising adventures that from Harvey’s perspective is no fault of his own. His reader’s either love him or hate him; there’s no in between.

Of course there’s Charlie and myself, (Pops, the ringleader) of this gang. Charlie’s my sidekick that continuously stays in trouble not to mention that when he causes mischief I’m usually sucked right into the middle of it all. When the radio show starts up again Charlie will be back running the soundboard just as before.

Pops Two HeadedIn closing, I’m delighted to be back after a long hiatus. Perhaps in future articles I’ll share where I’ve been and what went on while I was absent. I trust that all our old readers will return, new readers will join us, and “The Espenblog” will be more successful, more delightful, and more entertaining than before. Remember, our goal is to make you as crazy as the rest of us here in “Our World”. Looking forward to hearing from you all so thanks for dropping by!


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