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Don’t Be Swayed by the Noise

Written By: George Espenlaub - Oct• 14•12

On November 6, 2012, the registered voters of this land will be asked to make a decision. A decision that will undoubtedly result in grave consequences should we make the wrong choice. This election is the single most important event of my lifetime. We the people must choose members of Congress, both in the House and Senate, as well as a President for this United States of America. This country stands at the crossroads of history as every nation on the planet watches in anticipation.

There is so much noise reverberating throughout the land as we make our way down the home stretch that leads to Election Day. Anger, bitterness, and downright nastiness seem to be the order of the day. Those emotions coupled with pure hatred are beginning to erupt into the streets like a volcano that has stirred its self awake after being dormant for years. Unless the people of this land begin to understand that before we are anything else, we are first, above all, Americans.

So many have been waylaid by the rhetoric instead of being swayed by the facts; the nation is divided due to the confusion which is caused by the excessive noise. In the remaining days before the election each and every voter must shutout the noise which will allow one to consider only the facts. Separation of needless rhetoric must be pushed from our minds along with bias thoughts that can only cause one to be blind to the facts.

This is your vote where you have the opportunity to make your choice based upon the facts as you see them. It’s your conscience that will guide you as you pull the lever or push the button inside the voting booth. We are individuals that make up this United States of America, individuals that will not be intimidated by the mob mentality from one side or the other. You and I must stand with a clear head that will enable this republic to remain great, lead the world, and be that light on a hill to those that are bruised and battered looking for the land of opportunity.

I heard a portion of a speech that John Fitzgerald Kennedy delivered to the Economic Club of New York on December 14, 1962. Please take the time to listen as President Kennedy states the facts that will lead the nation to prosperity. Get yourself quiet; listen attentively so you as an individual can compare the facts of yesteryear as compared to the rhetoric of today. What President Kennedy was talking about is only one issue that faces us today. However, if you search for facts and facts alone, you the individual, will make a choice on November 6 that is your choice and your choice alone.

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